The Princess and the Bucket

So beautiful

Maggie Rowe

“Mormor, what is that bucket on your porch?”

 It’s for making ice cream, child.

“But why does it have flowers in it, then?”

There’s a story in that bucket with the flowers, child.

“What kind of story? A true one?”

So very true, my little. Truer than any fairy story in a book.

“Does it have a princess in it?”

Not a princess, no. But the girl in the story was everything a princess should be – brave and loving and loyal. So loyal. And sometimes a little headstrong.

“What is that?”

It means this girl – her name was Laurel – was stubborn sometimes. When she made up her mind to do something there was no telling her not to. Even if the thing was a little dangerous and scary.

“What did she do that was scary, Mormor?”

She hitchhiked, child. She only did it once, but it wasn’t…

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