Hand Painted Ornaments

Welcome! The Christmas season made it clear that people love hand painted ornaments depicting their home or special event. I’ve been super busy with local orders, thanks to the Wheaton Mom’s and their incredible network.  Here are a few of the fabulous homes, I’ve painted this year. If you want to order fill out the contact form below and we’ll get started.  Currently I am only painting the  4 inch bulbs for $75.00. These are the largest bulbs and make your ornament look spectacular!

Just Added: Wedding Ornaments. Send me a picture of a church you want painted and I’ll paint it for you. C5D5070B-54E4-4C85-9DF9-F768E60CF2BFE1AEF354-25FC-47C3-A35A-98B9F8540629D6EE4045-0EAF-4482-91C8-38ABA186FDAB