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Opening new doors in Wheaton

The trees were in full color the first autumn we moved to Wheaton. I drove down the tree-lined streets with my sunroof open, giggling with joy. In the past ten years, I’ve fallen in love with this town’s darling homes with well-cared for lawns and decorated porches. Our family has enjoyed evening concerts and Shakespeare in the park as well as the Friday night car shows. There’s just something about Wheaton, that makes me feel like I belong. So, it’s with a happy heart that I embark on a project inspired by this, my new hometown.

There is a group of women on FB who seem to know everything about this little town. If I am in need of a great place to eat or advice on which Dr. to see, or even, where to take my kids for a few hours of fun, this group has the answer. Recently, I asked them what businesses or shops have the best doors to open. The thread grew and grew with recommendations of places that have offered lovely experiences. Though, I am sure there are many lovely doors to open in Wheaton, I’ve chosen ten that rose to the top of the list.

Over the next few months, I will sketch and paint pictures on canvas of these doors. Eventually, I will display the doors and invite you to come visit them.

I am working on renderings and have a few doors sketched for you to see below. But, come back for an update as I will be putting links to the shops or ministries below.

For now why don’t you go open these doors in Wheaton:

#1. Ktizo Tea

#2. Tasting Devine

#3. Prairie Path Books

#4. The Popcorn Shop

#5. Starbucks on Main

#6. Moores Toys & Gadgets

#7. Wheaton Meat Market

#8. The Wheaton Public Library

#9. The Compass Church of Wheaton

#10. Suzzette’s

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