4FAC082D-7D79-4B5F-89B3-35AE1A24942AThis page is a place to view my illustrations. Categories include: Coloring cards and pages, CSK book illustrations, Hand-painted Christmas ornaments, and more. I’ll post new things as they occur. If you see something you like you may contact me for requests.

Opening the Doors of Wheaton: Community project. I’ve taken pictures of the top ten recommended doors to open in wheaton (Poll from my favorite Wheaton moms FB page).  I did renderings and then sketches on canvas. I will paint them and  display the completed doors somewhere in the community. Renderings and sketches below:


This is Una. She was entered in the “unfair at the fair” contest at The Marvelous Midwest conference.” She knows a ribbon does not define her worth. She loves to sing silly songs in the silo and play with the chickens. 3715DDF2-F1CF-45B3-9F12-965D4443A497

When the huge Ginko tree drops it leaves, it’s like a deep carpet of soft green. Playing with them is a joy! EEEEE127-6C53-4932-BB9F-C071B2DA3523

This is Muffin the donkey. She’s been having a wonky donkey kinda day! Don’t worry though, she’s the happiest donkey you’ll ever find. Her story is written and waiting for the right moment to topple, tumble and roll onto the page.

Muffins Wonky Donky Kinda Day


Bartholomew is my little mouse friend who loves all the seasons. He is fearless when it comes to getting outside and enjoying the season no matter what predator may be lurking. Come on over to the blog to read about his love for autumn.



This cutie is sporting a hand painted ginkgo leaf dress, maroon mums for hair, and adorable pinecone shoes. She’s waiting for her chance to leap into one of my books. But for now, here she is in all her cuteness. See the blog post about her to help us give her a name!



CSK partner thank you cards: CSK is a nonprofit organization

Quaint village

Grandpa’s fishing boat



Thank you card set



Acrylic painting for my school’s silent auction. A09412E1-B7C9-4D1B-A39C-DB3B6E495434

Hand painted ornaments: (custom orders upon request)


Coloring cards and pages:


Coloring page GrowthColoring page - birds of the air



Audubon Inspiration:DSCN9983DSCN9982

CSK book illustrations:

Book #1: Camping Stick Kids – A Gospel StoryE3945E14-770B-4BDF-80DE-CB8B99C87A46



Book Series in process: Camping Stick Kids and the Golden Ingot



Caroline collects picture book ideas:C7837CDD-4A88-4E77-A744-BA123F4D7B16.jpeg

Jonas the prince of Dorthan: CSK book series 2020
From Pink Stripeddity socks and Flamingo Pink Shoes