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Thanks to our vendors and hosts

Thank you to the vendors, The Wheaton Sports Center, and my amazing team members. It took all of us to pull off this terrific show. Here’s my open letter to you all.

The Wheaton Mom’s Holiday Artisan Market was a huge success. Not only did our vendors have great traffic and sales, many of them commented on the sense of community they felt throughout the day. The organizers of The Wheaton Mom’s Holiday Artisan Market are grateful to The Wheaton Sports Center for providing such a beautiful facility and amazing staff to help us.  We were excited to learn that over three hundred people came through your doors for the first time in order to shop at our Market. We also want to thank the hundreds of members of the Wheaton Sports Center who shopped with us. We were delighted to expose you to the amazing local work of our vendors. 

Our team worked together to find quality vendors with an Artisan flair. We send a heartfelt thank you to our 20 vendors. Your beautiful Artisan works caused many to comment that this was the nicest “craft fair” they’d been to this year. We know how much time, effort and love went into creating your beautiful products. Thank you for sharing them with your community. 

Finally, as the director of this event, I want to thank my team. Carrie Potts, your work ethic and organizational skills blew me away. Thank you for working harder than any of us to make this show a success. Wendy Geiser Partain your experience gave us much needed insight into how to care for our vendors and create a vendor hall that flowed for our shoppers. Thank you for sharing your expertise. I believe this event will continue to be a year-round success as a result of the ground work we laid as a team. 

Below are all our vendors names and if possible, their websites or shops. Please visit each of them to find unique well crafted gifts for your holiday season. 


Joleen Steel

The 2019 Wheaton Mom’s Holiday Artisan Market Vendors:

Wendy Geiser Partain

Four Brothers

Jacqui Zurawski’s EZ Angel Designs:

Joleen Steel Https://www.readingwritingtea and

Meg Seward

Clapham School

Stephanie Thomas handmade at:


Amy Song

Lisa Tyler’s Two Hearts Baking Co.

Chelsea Medina with Slap Your Name On It at:

Emily Supica http://Emily Jane Studios on fb

Carrie Potts

Gabi Reczek

Jan Engle. at Engle Soft Sculpture on etsy and FB

Sites to be added soon:

Angela Owens 

Nancy Taylor

Sandy Durek

Jeanne Weseman

Karin Nether

Lucy Sanders


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