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Striped Socks and Flamingo Pink Shoes

So this morning I woke up with an old Sunday School song in my head.

This is the day,

This is the day

That the Lord has made

Let us rejoice and be glad in it!

I am often struck by the joy of the Lord in the early moments of my morning. This song made me not only glad, but caused me to pull out a favorite pair of pink shoes. I wore them to church. Though I fell short of all out dancing, I did a lot of tapping of my toes and hand raising. I came home and decided to post the little story below. I’ve been working on it and thought you all might enjoy it. It’s not a Christian story, but it certainly reminds me of the comfort & joy we have in our ABBA Father, God.

Polka dot striped socks with flamingo pink shoes By Joleen Steel

Polka dot striped socks with flamingo pink shoes

Dance me down the sidewalk

Prance me up the lane

Silky ribbons flying 

Twirling around my mane

Leaping up the park steps

Whooshing past the trees

Glittering sand is flying

Circling around my knees

Dancing, prancing, twirling, stopping

Listening to the jazz band play

Toes are tapping, jazzy snapping

Flamingo shoes on a sunny day

Polka dot striped socks with flamingo pink shoes

Dance me up the boardwalk

Prance me through the crowd

Silky ribbons sailing

As we ride the merry-go round

Galloping round the circle

Up and down we go

Unicorns and horses fly

Around the lighted show

Galloping, prancing, sailing, flying

Slowing down, it’s time to leave

Feet are jumping, heart is thumping

Flamingo shoes on a lovely eve

Polka dot striped socks with flamingo pink shoes

Waltz me down the glowing path

Turn me round and round

Silky ribbons blowing

Drooping to the ground

Reaching up to get a hug

Watching stars fill up the sky

Head is dreamy, moon is gleaming

Trying not to close my eyes

Waltzing, turning, reaching, dreaming

Wrapping arms around you tight

Ready to go home to bed

Flamingo shoes on a sparkling night

Polka dot striped socks with flamingo pink shoes

Sway me down the hallway

Tuck me into bed

Silky ribbons falling

Beside my sleepy head

Looking out my window

Lamps glow in the street

Tomorrow we will dance again

But now we need to sleep

Swaying, tucking, looking, sleeping

Shoes are sitting out of sight

Dreaming of tomorrow

waiting for the morning light



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