I need a name!

I love long autumn walks with my husband. Last night we heard the call of a great horned owl as we walked through a deep green and gold forest. We spied a wasps nest hanging precariously from atop a leafless birch tree. We watched a duck family sailing contentedly across a mirrored pond.

You would think this type of beauty would drive me to paint a landscape scene in acrylic or a sunset from vibrant oil paints.  Nope, This is what I made! Something about the layers and layers of ginkgo leaves and maroon mums outside our home inspired this darling friend.  Let me introduce her.

Here we have a lovely young girl sporting a hand painted ginkgo leaf dress with maroon mum sash. Her lovely pinecone slippers are perfect for an evening of dancing under an autumn sky. Her greatest longing is to be given a chance to leap into one of Mrs. Steel’s many stories for children. My dear reader, if this is to happen, she must have a name. Will you help her?

586F262E-9E90-4913-ADA0-F787F93CE7FDIn the meantime, I have been commissioned to create a wardrobe for this young lady. The winter season is almost upon us. I must begin! Also, I’ve made her a  friends over at my illustrations page.

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