Riddles for your littles

Here’s a few riddles I wrote way back in 2005 for my kiddos. Try them out on the little ones in your life and smile together.

By Joleen Steel
I have a secret place
It’s just for me.
Happiness is waiting in the quiet.
Food is here, but not for me.
Tall ladders go up, up, up.
Windows open to the sky.
Birds find homes here.
Tractors wait within.
Sun beams slant through the walls.
What am I?
(A Barn)
Someone is looking for me
I’m hiding.
But I hope to be found.
I crouch here in the stillness.
My breath sounds loud
My heart beats fast.
Footsteps and giggles
My turn to seek.
What are we playing?
(Hide and go seek)
I’m soft and warm
I like to be wrapped up tight
You can feed me and
Kiss me goodnight.
Who am I?
(A Baby)
My top keeps you dry.
My sides keep you warm.
You can sleep in me
My windows are small
My door zips up.
You can fold me up and put me away.
What am I?
(A tent)


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